OPEN EXPO – ‘asymmetric harmony’ by Els van ‘t Klooster (COCO-MAT Arnhem) *FREE WALK IN EXPO - geometric paintings, wood reliefs & tape installations

From October 13th 2018: free walk-in COCO-MAT EXPO ‘asymmetric harmony’  by Els van ’t Klooster at our COCO-MAT Arnhem store. You’re more than welcome to stop by and admire her work!


As a visual artist, Els van ’t Klooster focuses primarily on making geometric constructivist works in paintings, wood reliefs and tape installations. In 2007 she graduated from ArtEZ, the Academy for Fine Arts in Arnhem.

Composition takes a central place in her work; a search for ultimate harmony within asymmetry. To carefully observe the effect of all elements with which her work is built, she uses a research-based approach. Shape, color, rhythm, distance, space, stratification and material are elements that form the base to this research. She has an affinity with musicians like Erik Satie and Steve Reich, but also with choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

A grant from the Heij-Konijn fund in 2012 enabled her to explore the possibilities with textiles. The design of the tufted carpet was inspired by her painting ’1203’ and adapted for textiles. Van ’t Klooster discovered that atmosphere, usability and spatial contact play a greater role in product design, than in her autonomous work. As a result, she did not design a rectangular carpet but a shape that integrates into the space. Working as both an artist and textile designer has functioned as a mutual positive influence.

Born in 1985. Studied at the ArtEZ, Institute of Arts, Arnhem.
Individual and group exhibitions in Arnhem, Dallas (US), Rotterdam, Duisburg (DE), Lochem, Driebergen, Houwerzijl, Dresden (DE), Nijmegen, Zoetermeer, Elblag (PL), Langenfeld (DE), Ostrava (CZ), Doorwerth, Gorinchem, Bratislava (CZ), and at the Konkrete Ambasade (HU). Her work is included in the collection of the Museum of Geometric and Madi Art Dallas (US) en Stadsvilla Sonsbeek (Arnhem).

WHEN:  Free to walk in during the COCO-MAT Arnhem opening hours

WHERE: COCO-MAT Arnhem store, Eusebiusbinnensingel 14, Arnhem



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