COCO-MAT EXPO BY Pieter van de Pol – ‘Full from Silence’ (ARNHEM)

On November 23rd the opening of the COCO-MAT EXPO by Pieter van de Pol  ‘Full from Silence’ will take place in our store in Arnhem, the city where the artist in Pieter van Pol was born during his studies at the art academy. With tasty drinks and food you are welcome to admire the work of this artist.

“If you don’t dare to jump, you’ll never fly”...the birds on his paintings take us to another dimension while they let the time stand still for a moment.

After his studies, Pieter collaborated on the ‘Eastern-Europe passage’ by absurdist Chaim Levano. Various exhibitions followed over the years.

For Pieter, art is an inner-search about authenticity and to something which doesn’t compromise. His work is about silence. The silence and simplicity in his paintings are characteristic for his work. Various themes about society are simplified in his paintings.

“In your head the image is many times more beautiful than what you can make and you use all means to get as close as possible to the image in your head to eventually compromise with your inability” – Pieter van de Pol

DATE: Saturday November 23rd 2019

TIME: 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm

LOCATION: COCO-MAT STORE Arnhem, Eusebiusbinnensingel 14, Arnhem

RSVP via [email protected]


Feel free as a bird to come to the exhibition!





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