Improve your sleep with a COCO-MAT mattress topper

Why buy a mattress topper?

Because you add extra comfort and support for even the lightest parts of the body and improve the elasticity that your current mattress gives while you sleep.


With the Iviskos or Thalassa top mattress, you opt for extra elasticity and support for the heavier parts of your body.
If you choose the Kyriaki or Kamelia top mattress, you can support even the lightest parts of your body.

Limited time offer! Get a gift card when you buy a mattress topper!

With the top mattresses Iviskos, Kamelia and Kyriaki you will receive a gift voucher of 100% of the value of the top mattress. With the Thalassa top mattress you will receive a voucher worth 50% of the value of the top mattress.


How do I redeem the gift voucher?

For instant redemption you have 2 choices:

  • First order the top mattress of your choice and then place the additional order of the product with which you want to redeem your voucher. In this case, the refunded amount will be automatically deducted from your additional order.
  • Order the top mattress of your choice and upon receipt you will also receive a gift voucher with the amount spent and the order number. You can then place an extra order in the store or by telephone and redeem your voucher.


If I choose to redeem my gift card, can I combine it with other promotions?
No. During redemption, the gift card cannot be combined with other promotions that are active in the store.

Which items can I purchase with my gift card?
You can use the gift voucher for a mattress or bed mattress. So not for another top mattress, wooden bed bases, other furniture and accessories.

Until when is the offer valid?
The offer is valid until Sunday March 26, 2023. The gift voucher can be redeemed until June 30, 2023.

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