Its all about layers Sleep has never been more relaxing than before!

The more you add the more you earn!

COCO-MAT’s sleep expertise is based on the use of multiple layers, made of natural materials that all work harmoniously together to offer the best possible effect for your body’s needs. To be able to enjoy a restful sleep, every part of your body must be fully supported. The different layers of COCO-MAT will guarentee the most proper support that is needed, even for the lightest body parts, for a full restoration as you sleep.

Natural materials provide a healthy and natural environment for your body to snuggle and relax.


Sustainably produced by our own experienced craftsmen, COCO-MAT beds are an investement for life that is worth making. To help you enjoy the multi-layer sleep, COCO-MAT created an exclusive winter campaign just for you! Let our sleep experts guide you and educate you through the benefits that each layer offers and don’t miss out on this exclusive value offer!

The December Dream Discount starts on Thursday the 15th of December, untill Saturday the 24th of December.

Sleeping just got better for you!

Find out how it works:

  • Choose the 1-layer sleep – 5% discount on this layer
  • Choose the 2-layer sleep – 5% discount on the 1st layer, 10% discount on the 2nd layer
  • Choose the 3-layer sleep – 5% discount on the 1st layer, 10% discount on the 2nd layer, 15% discount on the 3rd layer
  • Choose the 4-layer sleep – 5% discount on the 1st layer, 10% discount on the 2nd layer, 15% discount on the 3rd layer, 20% discount on the 4th layer
  • We also offer a 10-15-20% discount on pillows + bed linen + duvets:
  • Buy a pillow – get 10% discount
  • Add some bed linen – get 15% discount on both items
  • Add a duvet – get 20% discount on all 3 items


Here are the ingredients of the 4-layer sleep. The choice is yours!

  • Mattress Bases & Foundations – Made from natural materials and designed to offer comfortable sleep and full body support even in the heaviest parts of your body.
  • Metal-free, natural Mattresses – Discover our wide range of natural latex mattresses. Bespoke production is designed to offer you a relaxing and comfortable sleep. Firmer layers of coconet fibre, provide adequate support for the body’s weight, while the more elastic layers of natural latex follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve.
  • Natural Mattress Toppers – Add the finishing touch of comfort to your bed, thanks to our natural mattress toppers. Choose the filling material natural latex, ‘cruelty free’ goose down our pure virgin wool, and pamper yourself with a truly deserved feeling of softness even for the lightest parts of the body. Awaking up on time is not guaranteed…
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