COCO-MAT x Colour&Spice Sat Nam Body Oil COCO-MAT - Nourishing, Heartening, Uplifting

Nature gives us everything, our gift to you!

COCO-MAT has a collaboration with the beautiful and holistic brand Colour&Spice. Together we’ve created a COCO-MAT BODY OIL which our COCO-MAT Delivery Dream Team will give away as a present after delivering and installing our all natural beds. The oil consist of a mixture of powerful, special and natural plant extracts. To prepare yourself for the best night sleep, this calming oil could help to give yourself a massage of approximately 30 minutes before stepping into the bed. The essential oil of lavender affects the central nervous system in a calming way. By applying it to the skin (via massage) it adapts via the skin into your cellular tissues and into the blood circulation so that it not only makes your skin nice and soft but also relaxes your mind.



Apply to a damp or a dry skin with light wiping movements. For maximum healing benefits, use daily and do not store in direct sunlight. COCO-MAT and Color & Spice advises you to do this ritual daily to unite yourself with your body, to show respect for its functioning and to satisfy you with your own beauty instead of focusing on any imperfections.


Loving sleep massage from Colour&Spice…

  • Lock your bathroom and shut yourself off from the world outside!
  • Do this daily body massage after showering and before stepping into your bed. Take absolute time to do this.
  • Start at your feet and toes. Powerfully iron and knead your skin. Alternate the intensity of the strength to relax any tense muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Work up both legs and do this with full conviction. Massage your belly in a clockwise direction to support digestion. Go up over the hips and buttocks (to stimulate circulation and fight cellulite) and then work your way to the lower back.
  • Go as far as you can reach over the back and cross the arms from the front to hug the shoulder blades.

    Then work over the total length of each arm. Finish with feather-light upward strokes in the neck to the bottom of your head. Massage the temples on your head kindly.
  • Interlace the finger and make your hands into a small bowl to cover your face, breathe in the scent of the oil and inhale it deeply.

    This is a great time to visualize the day and tell yourself how special you really are.


Sleep lovely

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