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Open ART EXPO ‘ fascination for the living things ‘ by Hella de Boo (COCO-MAT Rotterdam) *free walk in

We’re happy to open our new COCO-MAT expo: ‘Fascination for the living’ by Hella de Boo at the 1st of November 2018 (COCO-MAT Rotterdam)

Her paintings comes into existence because of her fascination for nature and living creatures. She starts off with pictures and sketches to decide on the composition, the measurements and the appropriate material to work with.

Some sketches have to ‘grow’ or develop in the book, possibly incubated for the future; some are finished, expressing her fascination perfectly and ready to be shown to the public.

The process of her big paintings start off gently and realistic to first fit all eyes and ears in its proper position.

Then alternately, Hella is using her intuition and analysis and evaluates into a surreal yet real dialogue. 
This is why there’s a difference between the paintings. Some are very, shoutingly expressive, some sweetly impressionistic, others strict constructive or minimal. It all depends on the subject, it depends on the respect you feel for it and the possibility of growth you allow.

Last but not least, Hella has several small pieces, again lots of colors, in ecoline and ink.

They arise for a purely intuitive playact with herself: To feel, to combine and to reach the answer without words.

Her exhibition will be on view from the 1st of November 2018 at the COCO-MAT Rotterdam store at the Westblaak 25, Rotterdam.
Do you like to visit the vernissage of this exhibition on 1 November 2018, from 15:00?
*Free walk-in. RSVP via [email protected]

WHO? Hella de Boo
WHAT? Art exhibition ‘fascination with living things’
WHERE? COCO-MAT Rotterdam, Westblaak 25
WHEN? Vernissage takes place November 1, 2018, between 3PM- 5 PM
* free entrance.

* After 1 November 2018 the exhibition will always be open during the COCO-MAT Rotterdam opening hours and you are welcome to come by.













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