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14.10.2018 – OPEN EXPO ‘Inner Visions’ by Christine Fonseca, COCO-MAT OVERTOOM acrylics - color mixing explorations - layer painting

At October 14th, 2018, we proudly open our new COCO-MAT Expo ‘Inner Visions’ by Christine Fonseca. Her work is characterized by her experiments with acrylics, color mixing explorations and layer painting.

‘My paintings reflect inner visions of the journey of our development in the earthly realm, unhindered by intellectual scrutiny in an attempt to allow the unconscious to become accessible to the viewers, taking them on a journey all their own.’

Christine grew up in a multi-faceted environment in South America before moving to Europe in her teens. She has always been interested in different cultures, behaviors, beliefs and how each expresses their inner creative abilities. Besides that, Christine has a special fascination about expressionism. Over time she discovered that depicting subjective emotional experiences became more important to her than copying reality. It all comes together in her expo ‘Inner Visions’.

Stop by to see her work!

WHEN: Official opening (vernissage):
14th of October 2018 from 15:00 – 17:00 hrs
[ free walk-in expo during COCO-MAT Overtoom store opening hours]

WHERE: COCO-MAT Overtoom, Amsterdam
RSVP: [email protected] of via Facebook Event


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