Meliora is our new plant-based mattress!
Its unique blend of natural materials not only offers exceptional comfort, but also promotes breathability, creating the perfect sleep environment. It comes with a removable cotton cover in a soothing earthy beige shade. Remaining true to the company's philosophy, the new 'Meliora' mattress is designed from natural materials, arranged to offer a deep and rejuvenating sleep without compromise. The new plant-based mattress is designed to provide an enhanced sleep experience. Its name, 'Meliora,' originates from the Latin word meaning 'even better'.

Elasticity: 4/4

Height: ± 24 cm
Natural materials: natural latex, coconut fibers, cactus fibers, cotton, seaweed, eucalyptus leaves
Outside Cover: Cotton
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 8 years*
Inside Case: The mattress comes with a removable cotton cover. The cover is soft, breathable, and easy to clean, allowing for seamless maintenance and a fresh sleep surface.
Advantage: Every double mattress, from 1.40m and above, is cleverly composed of 2 single mattresses seamlessly united within an inner cotton case. This construction not only accommodates two people comfortably, enabling independent movement without disrupting each other's sleep but also simplifies maintenance and transport.
Each side offers a different elasticity level: less elastic for back or stomach sleepers, and more elastic for side sleepers.

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What are the advantages of sleeping on a mattress without springs?

Sleeping on a metal free mattress, can offer several advantages over traditional spring mattresses.

Our mattresses offer more customized and accurate support. The secret to this exceptional support lies in the elasticity of the combination of the different layers of natural materials. The mattress adapts to your body, not the other way around.

Metal free mattresses are more durable and longer-lasting compared to traditional spring mattresses. They tend to maintain their shape and support for an extended period.

Additionally, they eliminate potential sources of noise or creaking sounds, providing a quieter sleep environment.

Last but not least, sleeping on springs might contribute to or cause harmful magnetic fields. There is ongoing research about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their potential effects on human health.

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