The 19 most fascinating Hotel Openings worth Booking In 2023 Greece, Germany and Netherlands

Looking forward for your next trip, is definitely one of the best feelings, especially with the stressful rhythms of every day life. The need for a dose of rest and relaxation from stress and work deadlines is essential. That’s why one of the most important parts of organizing a trip is finding the right hotel that will offer you all the comforts without having to worry about anything.There is high competition among hotels, as well as many options to choose from.Αs a result of that, you are no longer limited to the basic needs but have greater expectations from your stay.You are looking forward, to a few days of absolute carefree, when you will have the opportunity to try unique flavors, to browse the elegant and neat spaces, to enjoy new unique experiences and activities.
Absolute relaxation, however, is certainly accompanied by a good night’s sleep that will recharge your batteries before returning to everyday life.In short, you want to feel that the organization of the hotel, as well as the people who work for it, are there to make your stay unforgettable. Some hotels have managed to stand out, having paid attention to the smallest detail to elevate the experience of each customer, individually.

Below you will find 19 of these hotels, all equipped with Coco-mat natural sleep systems, in Greece, Germany and the Netherlands, some of which are opening their doors for the first time and some of which have been renovated, upgraded and added new services for your best possible service.

But surely all the following hotels are ready to welcome you, and create memories that will make you visit them again and again.

Hotels Abroad.

Uylenhof Hotel, Den Bosch, Netherlands.

In a very central location of Hertogenbosch, a Dutch municipality and capital of the e-province of North Brabant, you will find the Uylenhof Hotel, within walking distance of many museums, the train station, attractions and also the Bossche area which is ideal if you want to experience the nightlife. The Uylenhof consists of 10 apartments built in a historic renovated building, which preserve the historical element combining it with a more modern decoration.However, the Uylenhof guarantees you, that for whatever reason you travel, it will make your stay unforgettable, in its luxurious rooms, with the special sleeping systems of Coco-mat and the selection of suitable pillows that will contribute to your rest.

De Jongens, Meer Dan Een Bed & Breakfast, Netherlands.

If you’re a fan of good food and a good night’s sleep then De Jongens Hotel, Meer Dan Een Bed & Breakfast, in the village of Rockanje in South Holland, is a place you should definitely visit. Bed & Breakfast de Jongens is a brand new location, which has focused on luxury and hospitality. After a delicious meal, prepared by the restaurant’s experienced staff, comes a restful sleep with Coco-mat beds and suitable pillows.

Wilmina Hotel, Berlin.

The Wilmina Hotel in Berlin, whose building once housed a women’s prison, has been transformed into a modern 44-room hotel, with beautiful gardens, a unique gastronomic culture and a design both outside and inside the rooms with attention to detail. The Wilmina Hotel hosts pop-up presentations, exhibitions, and creative collaborations, which you can definitely enjoy during your stay. It’s a total experience that you definitely have to experience.

Hotels in Greece.

Voya Sifnos Suites – Cyclades Greece.

Voya Sifnos Suites is located in the picturesque Kamares area of ​​Sifnos, overlooking the sea, offering complete rejuvenation both physically and mentally. The tailor made products from Coco-mat, the natural aesthetics, the enjoyment of the delicious tastes, are just some of the services offered at Voya Sifnos Suites.

Elefthia Luxury Houses & Suites, Syros- Cyclades

For a complete Cycladic experience, you should visit Syros, and enjoy your holidays staying at Elefthia Luxiry Houses & Suites. The hotel staff eagerly awaits the new customers, in the five individually decorated rooms, located next to the waves of the beautiful Ambela beach. Elefthia Syros is a unique choice for those who want to escape from an ordinary stay, and enjoy every service and every part of the hotel created to offer you unique memories.

Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites- Litochoro

If you’re looking for an adults-only hotel that combines booze and the sea, then Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites is perfect for you. Six wonderful suites, to choose which one suits you, located next to the location, Gritsa in Lytochoro, and with their own private beach promise you a summer full of memories. You will surely drink many cocktails, try new flavors and banish any negative thoughts in the quiet Akrotiri Olympus Luxury Suites offers you.

1910 Lifestyle Hotel, Volos-Thessaly

The 1910 Lifestyle Hotel, located in one of the most beautiful cities of Thessaly, Volos, is an ideal choice for a quick getaway and escape from everyday life. 1910, created a unique lifestyle accommodation experience in the center of Volos, offering a wide variety of elegantly designed rooms and suites, so you can choose the ideal one for you.

Elisabeth Boutique Hotel, Thessaloniki

Elisabeth Boutique Hotel, came to Thessaloniki, to give the meaning of Boutique, i.e. intimate, elegant. 44 separate rooms and suites were created by experts so that each room has its own unique identity, but always with a common base modern aesthetics and sophisticated services. Aiming at proper hospitality, Elisabeth Boutique Hotel provides Coco-mat sleep products for a relaxing experience.

Meteora Heaven and Earth, Premium Suites, Kalampaka

In Kastraki, an amphitheatrically built village in Meteora, you will find Meteora Heaven & Earth, Premium Suites.The hotel has managed to combine the traditional character of the village on its exterior, with a more minimalist and modern decoration inside the rooms.Meteora Heaven and Earth has a particularly ecological philosophy, from the low energy consumption, the use of solar energy to the equipment of the rooms with 100% natural sleep products from Coco-mat, offering an overall eco stay.

Phos Milos, Cyclades

The island of Milos is definitely the ultimate summer destination and Phos Milos the ideal place to host you during your vacation. Phos Milos, inspired by the light of the Aegean, and with a team whose aim is to offer you the most carefree and sun-kissed summer, is there to make your every wish come true, from a private cruise, transfers to island, massage services, making your stay on the island as special as possible.

Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, Mykonos-Cyclades

If you are looking for a holiday with a more cosmopolitan character, an island that never sleeps, then surely Mykonos is the solution. The Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort, in the heart of Mykonos, pays attention to even the smallest details since it believes that these details make the difference. The Radisson Blu Euphoria Resort offers you the choice of your accommodation through 34 rooms, enjoying the privileges of the hotel such as the spa services, the infinity pools, the bar and the restaurant.

Vigla Ierissos – Boutique Studios, Lofts & Suites in Halkidiki 

In a privileged location, at the beginning of the third leg in Halkidiki, in Ierissos you will find the Vigla Ierissos- Boutique Studios hotel, for an authentic and welcoming accommodation experience. The green garden of the hotel, with the local aromatic plants is the right place to organize your day, to decide which of the unique beaches you will visit and which parts of Halkidiki you will explore. Vigla Ierissos has taken care of the relaxation and rest after your daily e-excursions, with the natural sleep products of Coco-mat.

Isalos Villas Naxos, Cyclades

A must summer destination is definitely the island of Naxos, and one of the most beautiful hotels for your stay is Isalos Villas Naxos. If one of your needs before booking the hotel is both privacy and luxury, then the Isalos villa is the right choice. With the private pool, the sea view and the Coco-mat sleeping system, for absolute rest, it will withstand all your deceptions

Zoe Seaside Resort, Messinia

Zoe Seaside Resort is located on the beautiful beach of Gialova in Messinia.If you are looking for a complete rejuvenating experience, the magical atmosphere of Zoe Seaside Resort, with its pool under the palm trees, rooms equipped with Coco-mat sleeping systems and its excellent location that in a few minutes takes you to the white sands and clear blue waters of Gialova, is the ideal choice. The Natura Lounge Bar and the Natura Restaurant, enhance the experience by the sea, offering you the most refreshing cocktails and the most summery flavors.

3 IKIES, Volos-Thessaly

One of the most modern hotels, next to Alykes, a quiet area of ​​Volos, is 3 Ikies.A residential complex, consisting of 3 villas, Ikia Alpha, Ikia Epsilon and Ikia Sigma, built with strong environmental awareness, natural lighting and modern ecological architecture. Each of the villas has its own private pool, and are carefully designed, with the best quality natural products giving you the most perfect experience during your vacation. If you decide to leave the villas, then you will meet the Alykon cycle path, a few meters away from the hotel and you will start for a wonderful route by the sea crossing Pefkakia and passing by important archaeological sites of the area.

Iliana Olive Branch, Milos- Cyclades

Milos is among the best destinations for 2023, and is one of the most enchanting islands of the Cyclades that you should definitely include in your summer vacation schedule. Iliana Olive Branch has taken care of your stay on the island. Six studios and apartments, located above Adamas and with a magnificent view of the blue Aegean, await you to enjoy the famous sunset and the unique hospitality of the whole team, who will be there to make your stay comfortable and special .

Cali Mykonos Hotel – Private Pool Villas & Suites

A very good choice for accommodation on the island of Mykonos, is definitely the uniquely designed with respect to the environment Cali Mykonos resort, in Kalafati. The resort makes you feel the sensations of air, land and sea. Beautifully designed suites, gastronomic e-experiences, spa services, infinity pools and boat trips around the island’s magical beaches are just some of the experiences you will live at Cali Mykonos.

Rocabella Hotel, Mykonos- Cyclades

The Rocabella Hotel, just 300 meters from the beach of Agios Stefanos in Mykonos, was completely renovated and is ready to welcome you and offer you an ultimate experience of luxury and relaxation. It has 26 rooms and suites, all created according to the Cycladic aesthetic, earthy tones and with a view of the endless blue and sunsets that will take your breath away. At the hotel’s Reeza Restaurant, you will taste the Greek tradition, while if you are looking for total relaxation, Rocabella offers you massage services, spa and Yoga lessons.

White Pebble Suites, Milos – Cyclades

The Boutique hotel, White Pebble Suites in Milos, is ideal for those of you who want to live by the sea. White Pebble Suites, features uniquely designed suites, a pool that looks like an extension of the sea, rejuvenating spa services that will absorb all the stress and help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Some refreshing cocktails, new different flavors and hospitality of great expectations will take off your stay.