Wooden bike goes green in the majestic Iceland 14-25 of September


Paul Evmorfidis, founder of COCO-MAT, challenges himself at the age of 63, to cycle “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland.

The country of the extreme geological contrasts became his destination, not only for the breathtaking landscapes and the nature but also for something deeper. His goal is to get to know better this wonder of prosperity and health, and of course to draw inspiration from natives and their remarkable way of thinking.

Starting from Reykjavik on September 14th and for 11 days, Paul invites everyone, who wants to meet an impressive way of thinking, a massive economic growth and a model of sustainability, to be part of this wooden bike journey!

Be part of this bike journey in Iceland by simply contacting COCO-MAT.bike!
T.+30 210 282 8965 & E. [email protected]


Greece is facing a challenging period. The social-economic crisis is a fact and now is the time to act by changing our way of thinking.

We owe this to our ancestors, to our descendants, to our natural landscapes but also to ourselves. We all have to take responsibility and with your support we can make a change!

MEET PAUL (if you don’t know him already)

Paul Evmorfidis is probably the most vigorous man you will ever meet. After spending a night sleeping on… seaweed, the founder of COCO-MAT had the amazing idea to create something extraordinary: an eco-conscious company that would produce by hand unique sleep experiences. And he managed it, since today, COCO-MAT is a company with global presence in 21 countries!
Paul does not resemble the classic businessman at all. He does not wear a suit, he does not have a mobile phone, he does not have an expensive car – in fact he does not have a car at all, he rides a wooden bicycle – of course! He is a multidimensional and creative personality who speaks in the singular, simply and clearly, with the most contagious enthusiasm and with the most disarming arguments.


COCO-MAT’s wooden bike is mr. Paul’s dream for a cleaner planet and a sustainable way of living. It’s a real-life representation of his own passion for local craftsmanship in Greece and his enthusiasm for environmental awareness around the world. But most of all, wooden bike is mr.

Paul’s valuable mean to spread his mentality: Effort as the most significant tool to accomplish anything.