Deco tip #10: 7 ways to “summerize” your vacation home!!

The best season of the year has arrived and some are already making little weekend trips to their summer houses.

Since for many of us, summer vacation is just a few days off in August, why not take advantage of a summer house and spend all the summer weekends there, until you hit the islands!

Of course, that place is dirty, empty since Easter, who’s going to do the cleaning, the furniture is old… Stop making excuses, roll up your sleeves and start with the makeover!

Suggestion 1 – Paint the walls

Gather up your friends this weekend and start painting. It’s going to be tiring but think about the future when you’ll get to enjoy it! Treat your walls with bright summer colours, like mint, sand, grey-blue, cactus green.

Suggestion 2 – Change the living room

Not all the furniture of course! You can make or buy pillowcases, there are hundreds of colours and shapes available. Use matching throws to cover the seats of the sofa, and your living room will be transformed! Go for canvas or linen to add on the summer character!

Suggestion 3 – Introduce your space to rattan.

It’s time to throw away the old shabby armchair, the coffee table you can’t even remember where it came from and any other odds and ends that don’t seem to match with anything.

Replace them with bamboo or rattan furniture.

The ultimate summer combination!

Suggestion 4 – Play with wicker

Wicker! Also one of the ultimate summer materials. You can find lighting pieces, baskets, ornaments made of wicker, in incredibly low prices! Use your taste to combine what you found and make your house look beautiful!

Suggestion 5 – Play with throw cushions and poufs

Create corners for relaxing, using poufs and large, floor cushions, both inside the house and in the garden!

Suggestion 6 – New curtains

Only white! Use thick or thin fabric and let the Greek light flood in and bathe the house.

Suggestion 7 – Small treats in the garden

If your budget allows it, this is a must! Add a note of luxury and comfort in your garden with sun chairs and hammocks. These are not particularly expensive and you and your friends are sure to be having regular fights on who gets to sit there first.

Remember to have fun doing it!!!!

A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:

My name is Giorgos, I love art, decoration, design, and everything that makes us feel good! I adore colours, love the sea & summertime and get excited by the smells and scents of nature.

Giorgos Harilaou