Deco Tip #5: 6 new trends from Salone del Mobile 2018

All eyes in the world of design and fashion were once again on the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The exhibition ran from 17-22 April and, as usual, the whole city became a design playground with art installations, workshops, fairs, university presentations and theme parties buzzing all over the city.

Thousands of visitors from around the world, composing a becomingly, multi-culti landscape, attended the event, for a heads-up on the new trends.
COCO-MAT once again participated at the Design section, with hundreds of people visiting our stand and our own deco team learning all about “what’s new” and of course presenting it here at Deco Tips, so as to keep you updated!


A favourite material which has taken center stage in the furniture-making field for the last few years, keeps its throne for 2018 as well! We saw marble in coffee tables, side tables and dining tables where combined with metal, gave a stunning result!

Eco-friendly plastic

A strong presence in this year’s fair, for “green” plastic, mostly in vivid colours and in furniture! Truth be told, the result especially in chairs was impressive!

Perforated metal sheet

It’s been a long time since a trend like this was in fashion and this year it’s being showcased by all the major brands! It seems certain that this material will be a big thing for the next few years!

Bold & embossed patterns in upholstering

Another trend, according to the leading fashion houses, is the bold colours and patterns in upholstery fabrics.

Futuristic furniture

Intense colours in combination with far-out design, result in furniture-art pieces!

Colour everywhere!

As we’ve already mentioned in a previous post, colour is paramount in furniture as well! Here are some pictures to prove it!


A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:

My name is Giorgos, I love art, decoration, design, and everything that makes us feel good! I adore colours, love the sea & summertime and get excited by the smells and scents of nature.

Giorgos Harilaou