Deco tip #8: Transform your balcony into something from your dreams, in 6 simple steps

Spring is waving goodbye and it is officially Summer, everyone’s favourite season!
As you read this, take a peek at your balcony and I’m sure you’ll wonder…how come I haven’t made my own personal little heaven yet…?
Here in Greece the sun is as lovely as it gets and we get so many sunny days that it’s a shame to sit inside and not enjoy our balconies.
So, roll up your sleeves and this weekend, create a small oasis at home!
Think of all the wonderful summer nights you’ll get to spend with your friends at this balcony…and get to work:

-Throw away all the junk We are all stashing things in our balconies, thinking that they will come in handy…NEVER. The old desk chair, books, boxes, the pot with the dead flower your mother gave you and you kept forgetting to water…it’s time to get rid of them! Ask friends if they want anything or just recycle them!

-Treasure hunt in your storage place… I know you haven’t looked in there since Christmas but its time for some digging! Get deep inside there and unearth small, forgotten treasures that will help with the styling. Large throw pillows, the old carpet you bought for the kitchen and forgot all about it, lanterns, candles…

-Make your balcony squeaky clean! I know you’re bored but when you finish, you’ll be proud. Off with your shoes and on with the hose. No worries you won’t catch cold, because summer is here!
Make a layout of your balcony! I’m not asking you to produce schematics for a palace, don’t look so scared… Use a simple tape measure and you’ll be done in 10 minutes! You will have the floor plan of your balcony with accurate measurements on a piece of paper! Trust me you will thank me when it’s time to buy that wooden dining set you always dreamed of. It’s not funny when the dream becomes a nightmare after the furniture is delivered and you realize they don’t fit because…you didn’t measure the space before ordering!

-Choose your furniture wisely! Sit down and think about how you want to use your balcony! If you want to host nice dinner parties for your friends, go for a dining set. If you prefer to spend time there with your better half romantically gazing at the moon sipping cocktails, go for lounge chairs. If you’d much rather be alone reading your book with jasmine ice tea, get a chaise long.

-Bring nature in Without any green plants you won’t go very far! No matter how beautiful the furniture you chose are, if you don’t add some plants the result will be bland! Choose urban-adapted plants and if you are the forgetful type, pick ones that are low maintenance… My favourite suggestions are: palm trees (yes they do also grow in pots), Pothos or devil’s ivy is a vining plant that will spill over your balcony railings, Monstera with its magnificent leaves, Dieffenbachia (no I don’t speak German, that’s the name of the plant) and the beloved Night Blooming Jasmine with the unforgettable smell!

Happy inspirations and a very happy summer for all of us!
A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:

My name is Giorgos, I love art, decoration, design, and everything that makes us feel good! I adore colours, love the sea & summertime and get excited by the smells and scents of nature.

Giorgos Harilaou