Deco Tip #2 – Colour Trends 2018 – Part II

Colour is back in fashion, bringing zest and energy to a colourful 2018!
Each colour has its own dynamics and adds energy to our personal spaces!
With Springtime fast approaching, it’s time for changes and makeovers in our homes, choosing favourite colours which relax and inspire us!

In a previous post, we presented three of the six colours which will, according to Pantone (leading authority in the science of colour), take the stage for 2018! Today we are presenting the remaining three:


Intense red or Tyrian red. From a secretion of a species of sea snails, the dye was highly valued in antiquity and reserved for the imperial silks. A royal colour that adds luxury and warmth. Although it is also the colour of passion, it’s not suitable for the bedroom and you should preferably use it in the living room or the dining room! Goes perfectly with white.


Fresh and vibrant, yellow is the brightest of all colours. If you decide to use it, you will definitely have an impressive result! Yellow will bring energy and spirit to your spaces and you will have endless combinations to choose from, since it works well with very many colours! Yellow is particularly fond of white and blue, so such combinations will give you perfectly harmonious results. If on the other hand you want to pop things up, match it with fuchsia, orange and mauve. An ideal colour for the kitchen!


Green will alter your rooms bringing peacefulness and tranquility! Match different hues of green together and play with the tones from a deep forest shade to a light meadow shade, for a stunning result! Green is ideal for study and relaxation areas, like a bedroom, a library or a study room.

A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:

My name is Giorgos, I love art, decoration, design and everything that makes us feel good! I adore colours, love the sea and summertime and get excited by the smells and scents of nature.

Giorgos Harilaou