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COCO-MAT flag reaches the top of the world!

On May 22nd, Mike Evmorfidis, co-founder & CEO of COCO-MAT together with his fellow mountaineer Antonis Sykaris, placed COCO-MAT’s flag at the summit of mountain Everest.

The mission started early in April and was successfully completed on May.

The climbers had a small “two-day” chance to reach the top and only a few hours for the final ascent at 8.

848m. Finally, at 7:45am Greek time, their dream came true!

COCO-MAT Sleep On Nature, a warm supporter of this project, sends a message of optimism and faith that nothing is impossible and that through vision, hard work and patience we can do anything!

Follow the Mount Everest the Greek Expedition 2017 at:

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