Deco tip #4- Deco suggestions for the living room

“I love a house where, I see nothing excessive and I find everything that’s essential”. That’s what Pittakos of Mytilene said once upon a time, many many years ago!


Back to our times though, lets focus on a generally cluttered area of our homes: the living room and see what we can do to make it functional, beautiful and above all clutter-free, like the Sage advised (I’m seriously impressed by the way…what was the clutter like back then, without tvs, dvds, cables, wires and the like? I’ll look into it!)

Before making any changes, we must think about how we’re going to use the space, according to our daily habits. For example: do we watch movies with our dog on the couch or play board games with friends and family?
Whichever category you fall under, apply the tips accordingly.

Tip 1
Sofa. Most important.
Choosing the right sofa, can simplify your life. Choose, based on your specific needs. Perhaps you need a sofa-bed or a corner edition, modern or classic. It’s very important to measure the room’s dimensions correctly and of course to choose the right fabric/colour. Delivery can pose problems, so make sure your dream sofa fits inside your elevator or through your doors/stairs and let the store where you’ve purchased it from know of any problems. Or just hire a crane!
A detailed deco tip, specifically for the sofa, is coming up!

Stay tuned!

Tip 2
Throw away any unnecessary items.
Get rid of old newspapers and magazines, empty photo frames, odds & ends that just gather dust. Keep only what you like and what you need and you’ll immediately make your space lighter and more relaxed.

Tip 3
Let there be light!
Create the right atmosphere for every occasion. For parties and festivities (in Greece we usually turn on even the lights in the basements) make sure the lighting is pronounced but don’t go overboard.

A pendant light (from a crystal chandelier to a rail with spot lights), combined with a floor lamp, will give the intensity we want and the light will be diffused beautifully.
For more casual occasions, have Led strips installed under a shelve or in a curtain rod and you’ll see your living room transform!

Tip 4
You can add a natural streak to your living room, with potted plants and flowers. Don’t turn it into a flower fair! A nice pot with an indoor plant and some flowers in a vase will bring colour and zest in your living room.

Tip 5
Make sure the different pieces of furniture are well-spaced. Don’t cram everything on one side of the room. The coffee table should be placed within 50cm from the sofa. You should leave at least 1m of walkway towards doors and balconies. Try to layout everything so as not to block any exits.

Tip “Do whatever you want”!
Do whatever you want! Do what makes you feel happy and comfortable. Put your feet up on the table, even though you can still hear your mom nagging, turn your favourite music on-loud, maybe paint the wall with the colour your ex hated…

A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:

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