Deco Tip #3 – 5-star Bedroom!

We have all spent at least one night in a fancy hotel and what most gets our attention is the lovely materials and the unique aesthetics. But when the day is over, we realize what it is that really makes a room special.

Décor aside, what truly pleases and relaxes us is the quality of sleep.

If you want to create this atmosphere in your home, follow the next steps:

*Start by choosing the right bed

One that will make you want to lie down just by looking at it. The dimensions are pretty much dictated by the size of the room. If you have a small room, don’t go for a very bulky bed because it’ll make the room look even smaller.

Upgrade your sleep with an anatural COCO-MAT mattress and a 90% goose down top-mattress and the result will definitely be rewarding.

*A large headboard will give a feel of luxury to your bedroom

Or instead of a headboard, hung a striking carpet to create the same sense. COCO-MAT’s latest collection of carpets can cater for all tastes and styles.

*Pay attention to the lighting

Choose stylish, understated pieces for the available outlets (ceiling center or wall outlets etc). By using layers of lighting, you always manage to give the bedroom a relaxing atmosphere, so place floor lamps on available corners.

*Choose matching colours, without bold or intense contrasts

Ideally, if you want to have walls in different colours, you should go for tone on tone: the same colour in many tones of subtle variations. Choose earthy colours, in soft shades. For example: fuchsia in a room creates intensity, while a salmon pink is a hue of pink with a gentler result.

*White curtains, (NOT shiny), to let the Greek light in the room

Use lots of fabric and if possible, have them run wall-to-wall. Choose a beautiful fabric that drapes well and don’t go cheap on the meters. You don’t want your curtain to look like a sheet stretched in front of a window unless your style is more traditional, in which case, you should trim the curtain with a handknit detail.

*Be moderate with the decorations

A few cushions on the bed, some candles and a pretty, framed painting, are enough for a charming result.

*Bedside tables with storage space are practical but not essential

Do try to find ones that are same height as the bed though, because if they are lower, they are not convenient and if they are higher, you might bang your head on them while you’re having a feisty nightmare.

*Keep the room clean and neat

Make your bed in the morning, tidy away all the clothes, air the room while you’re having your morning coffee and fluff up the pillows. Play the maid’s role for less than 10 minutes every morning and you’ll get to be the hotel guest for the rest of the time when you get back home.

*Finally, replace the tv with a small sound system, as music will calm and relax you

Make sure the room smells nicely with natural room fragrances (lavender essential oil or any scent you find appealing) and light some candles to create a beautiful ambience.

After doing all the above, stick 5 stars on your bedroom’s door!

Good luck!

A few words about our Décor artist who signs the above “Tip”:
My name is Dimitris and nobody can accuse me of being sane… Obsessed with everything beautiful, unique and black&white. I: enjoy travelling, am hooked on coffee and vulnerable to yummy food. My favourite motto is: “be bold or italic.

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