Natural Materials

  • Cotton


    / Undisputed King

    Cotton has a long history in the making of soft, comfortable clothes and textiles. Light, fluffy and naturally hypoallergenic, cotton is the undisputed king of COCO-MAT’s fabrics.

  • Coconut Fiber

    Coconut Fiber

    / Our namesake, our soul mate

    The husk of the famous tropical coconut fruit is coated in strong, resilient fibers, which are then sprayed with natural rubber/ latex, shaped into layers, and used in our products. Coconut fibers are known for their durability and insulating properties.

  • Natural Latex

    Natural Latex

    / Tear-shaped gifts

    A colloid, milky fluid, which undergoes a special process to become soft elastic foam. The name given to latex (also known as rubber) by indigenous Equator tribes was “caoutchouc”, from the words “caa” (tear) and “ochu” (tree), because of the way it is collected.

  • Seaweed


    / Underwater forest

    It grows in the bottom of the sea and over the years has been used for multiple purposes, from a medical remedy, to insulating material, or sushi. Dried seaweed are rich in iodine, known for its benefits at human body.

  • Eucalyptus


    / Heavy shadow

    The high eucalyptus tree is well known for its shadow and its healthy properties. Essential oil distilled from its leaves has a refreshing smell and acts as a natural remedy, beneficial to our breathing system.

  • Wood


    / Longtime friend

    Almost ever since man walked the earth, wood has been used for building anything from tools to shelter, thanks to its durability and strength. By avoiding any chemical additions or processes, we let its quality and grace live on.

  • Horsehair


    / Precious mane

    Horsehair is naturally waterproof and absorbs humidity to create a dry environment.

  • Linen


    / Cool and graceful

    Linen has a rich history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Once a symbol of lightness and purity, it makes soft and light fabrics of exceptional strength. It is an ideal fabric that lets our bodies breathe while also keeping them cool.

  • Down


    / What dreams are made of

    Down has been associated with dreamy sleep due to its lighter-than-air grace. Magnificently soft, it keeps us warm, thanks to its inherent ability to let air pass through, while retaining temperature levels stable.

  • Wool


    / All-weather shield

    Although woolen fabrics are commonly thought to be more suitable for colder climates, wool is perhaps the only natural material that can keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to its insulating properties.

  • Cactus


    / Proud loner

    An excellent survivor in any environment, this exotic plant has strong and durable fibers, which regulate humidity and maintain a dry environment.

  • Lavender


    / Sweet lullaby

    A fragrant shrub, famous for its sweet scent and beneficial attributes, lavender is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, balms and medicines. Its seductive aroma is known for its soothing effects.

A long, long time ago, before man walked the earth, the bright sun decided to bless all living creatures with its life-bearing gifts. Every day he would offer its light and warmth to the forest trees, the singing birds, misty rivers and deep seas. It gave companionship to the mighty cactus, standing alone and proud, amidst the wild plains and rocky mountains, for days and years and eons.

Every natural material bathed in rain water and kissed by the sun, accumulates its everlasting energy. By using natural materials for our beds and mattresses, we harness all this energy and kindly offer it to you

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