Get the mattress-topper Iviskos with an 100% return of its value! Exclusively for online orders

COCO-MAT’s best-seller mattress topper, Iviskos, is now available for online orders. We introduce it to our e-shop with an exclusive offer!

Buy topper Iviskos and we return to you its full value which you may redeem with two ways:

1. in one of our physical COCO-MAT stores, once they have re-opened
2. through our telephone sales line from the safety of your home.

You will receive a gift voucher with the total amount of your online order, together with the delivery of your purchase.

You can redeem your gift voucher exclusively on purchases of a:

  1. Mattress
  2. Mattress-topper
  3. Bed-mattress
  4. Bed

Telephone orders & Contact:


Why should I buy a mattress-topper?

So you add further comfort & support even for the lightest parts of your body or to improve the feeling your current mattress provides you while sleeping.
If you choose the mattress-topper Iviskos, you can improve the elasticity that any mattress provides you. In addition, in case you need to transport it, it is quite light and can be folded easily.

Where can I redeem the voucher?

α) at one of our Greek stores (when they are able to re-open),

β) or through the COCO-MAT’s sales telephone line

How do I redeem the gift voucher?

1.INSTANT REDEMPTION (via Telephone)

For instant redemption you have 2 choices:

α) You firstly order online the mattress-topper Iviskos and then you can make the additional order via telephone with the product(s) you want to redeem your voucher with.
In this case the amount returned is automatically removed from your additional order.
β) You firstly order online the mattres-topper Iviskos and once it has arrived you will find a printed gift-voucher that states the amount you spent and your order number. In addition, you can make an additional order telephonically, redeeming your voucher. In this case you will need to send your printed gift-voucher to our Kifisia store, which will then help you make your additional order.

Once you have made your online order of the mattress-topper Iviskos, you will receive a printed gift-voucher in your package which will state the amount you have spent and your order number.
You can redeem the gift-voucher in any of our COCO-MAT stores, provided you bring the printed voucher with you.

If I choose to redeem my gift-voucher in a store, can I combine it with other promotions? 

No. During the redemption, the gift-voucher cannot be combined with other promotions, that “run” in-store.

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