HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN with big offers!

COCO-MAT sleep on nature is happy to inform you that our shops are open again in accordance with the decisions of the authorities. The safety of our customers and our employees is at the heart of our concerns, which is why we have put in place measures to serve you best while respecting social distances and other health rules.

In May you can take advantage of our two offers “Tihera Zevgaria” (=”Lucky Couples”) or “More for Less”.  Here’s how our offers works:


Tihera Zevgaria

You choose the natural Mattress in the dimensions you want… and take as a GIFT the corresponding Top Mattress. The offer is valid only for specific combinations:

  • Atlas Mattress // We GIFT you: Iviskos Top Mattress
  • Proteas Mattress // We GIFT you: Thalassa Top Mattress


More for Less

  • Buy 1 item – 10% off.
  • Buy 2 items – 20% off the most valuable item.
  • Buy 3 items – 30% off the most valuable item.
  • Buy 4 items – 40% off the most valuable item.

List of products in our More 4 Less offer: Mattress bases & foundations, Mattresses and Top Mattresses.


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