Pillow Positive by COCO-MAT supports Institute Curie, Paris

Aiming to collaborate with more hospitals and associations around the world as part of the Pillow Positive Project, we are very happy to announce our new cooperation with one of the most important hospitals in Europe, the Institute Curie in Paris.

500 heart-shaped pillows are offered from the Pillow Positive Project by COCO-MAT to the Institute Curie for the needs of women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

 Also, we support the Tricote-moi un ruban rose were a giant pink ribbon more than 30,000 squares of 10 x 10 cm pink wool, is knitted by thousands of participants and on 29th September will decorate the hospitals of the Institute Curie, in Paris and Saint-Cloud to raise awareness.

The Pillow Positive project aims to motivate more people, associations and hospitals to participate and support this initiative.

If you wish to become a member and support the Pillow Positive Project you can send your request at [email protected]






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