The Pillow Positive project

The Pillow Positive Project

Since 2012, COCO-MAT has supported women who have undergone breast cancer related surgery.

As part of COCO-MAT’s social responsibility initiative, we have helped over 5,500 women by providing heart-shaped pillows throughout the world.

Seven oncological hospitals in Greece, three in Germany and two in Belgium.  Recently the Netherlands joined The Pillow Positive Project with great success, encouraging COCO-MAT to continue this social movement.

The Heart Pillow initiative began in 2001 at Erlanger Medical Center in Tennessee, USA. Due to the voluntary cooperation of people around this effort «The Pillow Positive Project», supporting women through successful collaborations with breast cancer related institutions / organizations / hospitals.

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What is the pillow Pillow Positive?

The pillow positive is a soft heart-shaped pillow designed as an aid for women who have undergone a surgery, treating breast cancer.

What is the appropriate stage for pillow use?

Heart pillows given to women in the very first post-operative stage, directly help to expedite their recovery.

Why is the heart shape so unique?

The shape of the pillow allows women to keep it below the arm, alleviating pain, help to reduce swelling and protecting the intersection. Support is very important since it has been reported by approved doctors that decreases the use of painkillers and improves the psychology of patients.

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What is the pillow made of?

The pillows materials are all natural and handmade by women’s social groups in Xanthi, Greece.  The 100% cotton case is soft to touch, while the pure wool filling is supportive, hygienic, and washable. The pillow is gifted in a 100% cotton COCO-MAT bag.

Join our Movement

We aim to encourage participation in the Pillow Positive Project and support women with breast cancer around the globe. We appreciate any recommendations of institutions, organizations, and hospitals. Join the Pillow Positive Movement through «I support the Pillow Positive Project» and introduce us to interested parties and organizations in need. It also promotes future involvement in COCO-MAT activities.

Send an email to and recommend or/and be a member.

Pillow Positive Project Member Benefits:

-Receive newsletters for future actions and pillow donations.

– Take part in the preparation of the pillows and their delivery to the recipients, if desired.

– Become positive ambassadors for the Pillow Positive Project by sharing news about actions through personal social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, ect.