Evenement Hosten

Our philosophy is based on hospitality.

As soon as you enter one of our stores, you are not treated as a customer, but rather as a valued friend. We welcome you with fresh orange juice, sesame snacks and our special treat, fig with nut and oregano.

Good sleep is fundamental to our wellbeing and COCO-MAT wants to offer good sleep by providing quality sleep products made out of 100% natural materials.

Wellbeing is not just about good sleep, but rather a combination of other things too, eating well, exercising and caring about the environment and society. Thus, we grow our own organic fruits and vegetables from our garden, we cook and invite you to have lunch with us. We go cycling but also we don’t forget to support the organizations we care about.

We love to have fun and share it with you. That’s why we organize all kinds of events and we invite you to join us. Creativity and ideas are our inspiration and we enjoy the opportunity to help you organize your event at our premises.

At COCO-MAT we host:

  • Birthday parties for kids
  • Corporate Conferences
  • School trips
  • Charity events
  • Nights with music
  • And many more…

*COCO-MAT Friends Club members have access to special offers for event hosting.

De informatie die jij aan ons hebt verstrekt, zal alleen voor deze specifieke communicatie worden gebruikt en niet voor andere doeleinden gebruikt worden.