Decoration/ Design/ Marketing


COCO-MAT’s experienced team in interior design, graphic design and marketing can offer you premium designs, graphics and the best solutions to promote and advertise your business through targeted marketing activities.

Together with your team, COCO-MAT aims to implement every idea for your business and offer to your visitor a complete experience of premium hospitality.


Make the difference! At COCO-MAT, we can satisfy your needs. We believe that every client is unique and we try to search for every possible idea for the hotel. We are able to design high-quality photorealistic designs, manufacturing furniture and constructions in special dimensions, always in line with the aesthetics and quality of COCO-MAT. Our experienced decorators undertake a project in collaboration with architects; they do market research and propose a wide range of materials. Finally, they can supervise all required constructions until the completion of the project.


Stand out! COCO-MAT’s graphics department works with inspiration, excitement and love. We design everything with originality and emphasis on detail but also we are fully dedicated to the customer’s vision. Our goal is to produce highly aesthetic communication materials by designing logos, corporate identity and all kinds of brochures and signage, while we undertake the editing and implementation of any printing work.

What we do:

  • LOGO Design and redesign
  • Hotel’s Corporate identity (letterhead, business cards, mailing envelopes).
  • Laundry Bags and logo printing
  • Slippers made from recycled fabrics.
  • Lavender fabric pads for guest gifts.
  • Postcards with the hotel logo for promotional material.
  • Amenities for the bathroom
  • Do not disturb wood and paper for the doors of the rooms
  • And many more….


Spread the news! Branding can become the competitive advantage for your business, by differentiating you from the market, upgrading your image and increasing your sales. COCO-MAT has been positioned in the consumer’s consciousness as a premium brand in Greece and abroad. Thus, you are given the opportunity to connect your hotel brand with COCO-MAT’s brand and network. COCO-MAT can offer you collaborations and co-advertisements with the media, in order to create the image you want for your business.

More specifically

  • Your hotel can be included in the COCO-MAT hotel catalog “Fine Hotels”.
  • Your hotel can be included in B2B hotel site of COCO-MAT.
  • Creation of advertisements and co-advertising in selected magazines
  • Creating promotional banners
  • Press releases in collaboration with the media.
  • And many more…