About sleep. | Sleep on vacation: The importance of a good night's sleep in a hotel

Sleep occupies approximately 1/3 of our total lifetime and this happens because it is necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Often during the holidays, the normality of our sleep is disturbed due to various factors, one of the main ones being the change in environment. 

The best sleep on your vacation is COCO-MAT 
Good sleep, both in everyday life and during our holidays, is of major importance, as sleep is the body's way of "charging" and largely determines the start of the next day, if not the whole day as a whole, whether it is our vacation or a business trip, where we must be consistent in our professional obligations. 
At COCO-MAT, taking into account all the above, we have invested in offering quality sleep to the guests of our hotels, as well as the hotels we cooperate with, offering them the possibility to sleep "like at home", in one of the systems our sleep. After all, we believe that home is where our bed is. 
Custom-made sleep experience 

Based on this philosophy, we have created a new way of operating our hotels, through which our guests can choose the sleeping system in which they will sleep, according to their preferences and needs, choosing both the mattress and his pillow, through our wide range of products. It is no coincidence, after all, that this custom-made approach landed us on the British Guardian's recent list of the "25 best places to stay in Greece and the Greek Islands". 
Of course, we pay attention to everything that can elevate the sleeping experience of our guests, providing rooms equipped with linens, towels, bathrobes, and amenities of the company, which will help our guests to relax and enjoy a dreamy sleep that they will want to repeat over and over... even at home. 

From the hotel to your home 
The experience of sleeping in one of our hotels can become part of your everyday life since there is the possibility of purchasing all the sleep products you will have enjoyed during your stay. This procedure is an original sleep test, since you have the possibility to test the system of your choice, in normal sleeping conditions, so that you can come to the one that completely satisfies you. In this way, we make your stay truly unforgettable, since we create a completely tailor-made hospitality experience. 
George Pertesis