Meet the 4-layer

Natural, metal free, elastic

Cocomat Matress with four layersThe COCO-MAT four-layer bed is the result of years of experience in mattress-making. It combines four top products in one innovative bed system: bed-mattress, mattress, natural rubber top-mattress and goose down topper, four different types of mattresses with unique properties. Thus we are able to achieve what we set out to do: provide perfect support to our resting body, to the last point.

Suitable for almost all body types, this four-layer combination offers the best possible conditions for a healthy and relaxing sleep. Each individual layer consists of a specific combination of natural materials, giving the bed the elasticity our body requires.

Photo of Bed-mattress

First Layer


Bed and mattress combined in one unit. COCO-MAT’s bed-mattresses are equipped with an ergonomic base, on top of which we place various layers of natural materials, predominantly natural rubber and coco-fibre.

The bed-mattress is specially designed to absorb the weight placed on top of the bed and to enhance the performance of the mattress.

Photo of Mattress

Second Layer


Research and experience have led to the development of mattresses that offer just the right level of elasticity. During sleep, it is important that our body is supported in its natural position and that our spine is held in a straight line. Our mattresses are hand-made from all natural materials that help maintain a healthy environment. The rubber foam we use is naturally hypoallergenic. Materials such as horsehair and cactus-fibre help regulate humidity while seaweed releases iodine, aiding people with respiratory and rheumatic ailments.

Photo of Top-Mattress

Third Layer


Placed on top of the mattress to enhance overall performance and add a feeling of softness. The top-mattress increases the elasticity of the bed system and eliminates any pressure points at the heavier parts of the body. It is especially recommended for persons suffering from chronic neck and back pains. The top mattress also makes it easier to dress the bed. It avoids having to regularly lift the heavier mattress to fit the sheet

Photo of Top-Mattress

Fourth Layer


A luxurious extra layer, filled with goose down, the topper compliments the other three layers and further enhances their performance. The topper adds a lavish, sumptuous feel and is able to provide support even to the lightest parts of our body.