Stars & Us: World's largest mattress

Marathon event_001

With a little help from our friends, the world’s largest mattress was finally completed during COCO-MAT’s Stars & Us event, held at the historic Marathon beach on June 15.

Guests from around the world enjoyed COCO-MAT’s blissful hospitality at an event that had it all: from finger-licking traditional Greek food, to Life Coaching sessions and other activities, as well as all-night dancing under the bright full-moon.

The theme of the event was making the world’s largest mattress, which was then dressed in happy pictures and messages of hope, written and drawn by our eager friends, elementary school students, and various NGOs. This way we wanted to show that, with a little bit of faith and the help of kindred spirits, anything is possible. Besides, positive thinking and teamwork have always been part of our culture, and the main reason why COCO-MAT is considered to be among the best companies worldwide offering quality sleep products.

COCO-MAT would like to sincerely thank the Municipality of Marathon, and especially those companies that sponsored our event and contributed to its success.