coconut fiber

Rubberized coconut fiber, a material best known for its natural ability to breathe, is widely used in almost all COCO-MAT’s natural mattresses and sofas. Coconut fibers (or, coco-fibers, as we like to call them) are collected from the shell of the coconut. Before using them, coco-fibers are sprayed with natural rubber to add firmness and elasticity. Then the rubberized coco-fibers are turned into layers which we use in our products. Combined with the properties of natural rubber, coco-fibers allow proper air circulation and offer the required support to our mattresses and sofas.

natural rubber

Natural, pure and elastic, caoutchouc remains the single most important ingredient in the making of our "orthosomatic" mattresses and pillows. Natural rubber, comes in the form of a milky juice extracted from the caoutchouc tree, which grows in tropical climates. Once it arrives at the COCO-MAT factory, it is cleaned and processed. Once stabilized, it is cut into separate sheets of rubber which are used in our products. Natural rubber breathes perfectly and has a longer lifespan.


Horsehair thanks to its ability to regulate humidity is able to create a very dry environment. Many people who suffer from rheumatism use plasters made from horsehair to cover their hurting joints. The horsehair COCO-MAT uses comes from the mane and the tail of horses and after having undergone sterilisation is processed into thin layers, which are sprayed with natural rubber for greater elasticity.


Seaweed contains iodine, which provides a natural shield against allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. In our attempt to use as many natural materials as possible, we discovered the important properties of seaweed, which exist in abundance in the Greek seas and coasts. Seaweed is used in thin layers in some of COCO-MAT’s mattresses and bed-mattresses.


All of COCO-MAT’s furniture, such as beds, shelves, etc. is manufactured from hardwood, known for its exceptional quality and usability. Wood has been used for furniture construction since ancient times and continues being an important material in our times. The grace and beauty of a wooden piece of furniture cannot be compared to more recent alternatives.


Cactus, a plant which evolved 35 million years ago and has remained untouched by humans ever since, is collected and manufactured into 3 cm thick layers of cactus-fibre. As a material it is highly durable, strong and humidity-absorbent.


Cotton is one of the oldest materials used in fabric production. Its softness, absorbency and strength, paired with lightness and hypoallergenic properties make it a unique material that has survived the arrival of synthetic materials.


Why did our grandfathers wear woolen shirts even during the summer? Because wool is probably the only material that can keep us warm in winter, but is also cool and comfortable to wear in the summer. The reason is that wool is able to absorb up to 39% of its weight in moisture. That's why we do not sweat when wearing clothes made out of wool. COCO-MAT knows these unique thermal and insulation properties of wool and, after processing it with environmentally-friendly methods, uses it in the form of woolen padding in duvets, blankets, top-mattresses, mattresses and bed-mattresses.


Linen comes for the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum, and is one of the oldest textiles known to man. It is a very resilient and strong fabric and is valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen is a soft textile, which becomes softer with use. COCO-MAT uses linen fabric for upholstery, curtains and other products.

goose down

Nothing compares to its feathery embrace. After collection, down is washed meticulously. Almost ethereal -1.000.000 pieces weigh just 1 kilogram - and deliciously soft, down keeps us pleasantly warm, thanks to its inherent ability to breathe.


A fragrant shrub, native to the Mediterranean regions and famous for its remedial qualities, which our ancestors knew how to put to good use. Its essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, balms and medicines. COCO-MAT uses dried lavender flower heads inside and underneath pillows to aid peaceful sleep and relaxation.


Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber which is spun into coarse, strong threads and used for the production of some of our products, mainly carpets. Jute is a rain-fed tropical crop with little need for fertilizer that can reach 2 to 5 meters in lenght. It comes second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses. Bags, canvas fabrics, carpets, rugs, rope and many other items are made of jute.