COCO-MAT sleep products are all handmade in the company’s owned manufacturing unit in Xanthi, in Northern Greece. The workshop comprises a total of seven buildings in an area covering 25,000 m2.

Our products are manufactured on the basis of orders received, in line with the dimensions and requirements provided by the client.

Committed to reducing its environmental footprint and providing naturally healthy products, we have effectively banned the use of chemicals in the treatment of products. Where materials are not used in their natural state and colour, only ecological, non-toxic, non-aggressive dyes are used.

COCO-MAT also tries minimising the amount of waste and cut-offs. By investing in new production methods, we have achieved a recycling rate of today 96%. Product left-overs are being used to produce other products, e.g. cut-offs from natural rubber sheets are reserved for the production of rubber flake fillings.