One of the "Strongest Companies in Greece"

COCO-MAT, registered as MAXI ABEE, continues for a second year to be part of the “Strongest Companies in Greece”, based on the ICAP Rating Score. This acknowledgement facilitates the business transactions of the company in Greece and abroad, by certifying that it belongs to the group of companies with very low credit risk.

Kostas Maltezos, General Manager at COCO-MAT, underlines that “this rating by an independent institution helps to reassure our customers and business partners in a difficult economic environment. COCO-MAT is a fundamentally healthy company enjoying great financial strength. International growth and the diversification of our client base are some of the reasons for our success. We are the preferred supplier for a large number of high-end hotels worldwide and we experience an upward trend. Moreover, despite the general economic climate, we continue expanding our global retail network. This year we entered the French market with a new opening in Paris and the Middle East region with an opening in Jeddah. In addition, COCO-MAT has added three new locations to its existing stores in China, with new shops operating in Shanghai, Suzhou and Suqian. COCO-MAT is now physically present in ten markets.”

What is the “Strongest Companies in Greece” community?

The “Strongest Companies in Greece” is a community of enterprises that are ranked at the highest Rating Score of ICAP Group. ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source. Only one in ten companies in Greece meet the required criteria to be included in the community of Strongest Companies.

You can see our Award Certificate here.