Triton bed system




Bed system TRITON is the latest addition to COCO-MAT’s collection of quality beds. TRITON offers a truly unique experience: lying on the bed creates the sensation of weightlessness - of being suspended in air.

COCO-MAT invested two years of research and development to create this next generation sleep combination, consisting of three distinct layers.

Bed-mattress Triton is the system’s corner stone. It includes an ergonomic base and multiple layers of natural materials.

Mattress Proteas and top-mattress Thalassa complete the system, providing perfect elasticity and comfort.

TRITON is our best bed yet and has a high-end finish to match. It rests on a solid oak base and is dressed with a luxurious cover that is incredibly soft to the touch.

In true COCO-MAT style, TRITON is made from natural materials only. For the first time this includes cactus fibre, which has unique properties in the regulation of humidity. Other component materials are coco fibre, natural rubber, horsehair, cotton, wool and seaweed.