FYSIE – a photo exhibition at Amsterdam store

Amsterdam exhibition

Experience a journey through nature in pictures

In her exhibition FYSIE, Lilian van Veen shows us a selection of her work from the past five years. Pictures are inspired by nature and show details many of us will fail to notice. Her images are applied to materials or altered with colours adding an extra dimension. Looking at the pictures of Lilian van Veen is like taking a journey through nature.


Lilian van Veen

Lilian van Veen (22-04-1957) graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Sculpture, Monumental Art and Painting. She has worked for years as an artist and exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad.

For her photography is more than just a picture on the wall. She likes to see her photography integrate with interior and exterior spaces. Thus, it becomes possible for photographic images to influence the atmosphere of spaces. You can give a space personality, create a safe place, or just add excitement and energy. Nature in all its aspects is Lilian’s main source of inspiration.

Come and discover what effect Lilian’s pictures will have on the atmosphere of our store.


Lilian van Veen exhibits photographic work at COCO-MAT Amsterdam, Overtoom 89. Official opening on April 22 at 15:00 hours.