Eas Bed-mattress

Bed-mattress Eas is a quality base for those who prefer less elasticity. It can be combined with our natural mattresses and top-mattresses, and it makes an excellent base for our 4-layer bed system. Eas is completely metal-free. It contains layers of natural materials that are placed on top of an ergonomic base which further cushions downward pressure. Regardless of body type and weight, Eas provides “bottomless” elasticity and isometric body support.

For double-sized bed systems two single bed-mattresses are combined to achieve the desired width. The bed-mattress can be fitted with one of our headboards. Bed legs are available in a large choice of sizes and styles.


natural rubber, cotton, wool, rubberised coco-fibre, rubberised horsehair, ergo-base

Dimensions Available in a range of dimensions. Please contact your local store for more information.
  • cotton cover with woollen padding
  • natural rubber foam
  • rubberized horsehair
  • rubberized coco-fibre
  • natural rubber foam
  • rubberized coco-fibre
  • ergo-base with solid beech wood slats resting on four rolls of natural rubber
  • solid pine wood base with slats