COCO-MAT joins the Heart Pillow Project

Did you know that over 4,000 women in Greece alone are affected by breast cancer every year? Join us in support of these women. Join the Heart Pillow Project.

Visit one of COCO-MAT's stores from March 26 until April 7, for the annual Pillow Week event. By making your own pillow, you are helping to make a heart pillow which will reach into the arms of a woman who truly needs it. For every pillow sold during Pillow Week, COCO-MAT will make and donate a heart pillow to the Heart Pillow Project.

The heart pillow, as the name implies, is a soft, heart-shaped pillow, developed to ease the pain of women who have gone through a surgical operation in their fight against breast cancer. It may be small, but it means the world to someone. It's not only a practical aid to newly-operated patients, but also a kind reminder that they are not alone in their struggle.

Join us in sending a message to these women. A message of hope; and a kind reminder that someone cares.





One COCO-MAT pillow = One heart pillow

Visit also our facebook page and find out more about the Heart Pillow Project