Hatha yoga classes at Barcelona

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Do you like yoga? If so, then you'll love hatha!

Hatha yoga is a kind of physical yoga. The word Hatha comes from Ha, which means the sun, and tha, which means the moon. Hatha is the balance between the two hemispheres of the brain and the two energy centers of the human body. This balance is achieved when we integrate these two different poles, so we can awake all our creative and spiritual potentials.

In the practice of hatha yoga it is important to maintain a steady, calm breathing, so as to stop the fluctuations of the mind, and focus on the present moment. If you want to achieve this perfect sense of balance, join our Hatha yoga classes at COCO-MAT store in Barcelona.

WHEN? Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 to 10.30

WHERE? COCO-MAT Barcelona, Balmes, 229.

WHO? Anyone can join

COST? 2 classes per week: 50 € / month, 1 class per week: 40 € / month single classes: 12 €. The first trial class is free!

CONTACT? Salome 663 739 064 -