Press Release: COCO-MAT launches TV ad campaign

COCO-MAT launched its new advertising campaign with a TV spot titled “The best bed travels the world”

The new TV ad is featuring COCO-MAT’s best selling product, the 4-layer bed, which sets out on its long journey starting from the factory in Xanthi, Northern Greece, to a bedroom somewhere in the world. The concept of the new ad is simple. No matter where a COCO-MAT bed will be brought, it will generously reward its owners with natural, blissful sleep making them feel they are resting on the best place in the whole world. Actual COCO-MAT employees were chosen to co-star in the ad, doing what they do best: handling, decorating and delivering the bed the way they do in real life.

The TV ad campaign is successfully promoting all those elements that made COCO-MAT stand out and expand globally. Much like the 4-layer bed, the company started its journey from Greece almost 22 years ago. Today COCO-MAT has made countless friends around the world, thanks to its founders’ persistence in the use of natural materials, their passion about what they do, and their unique aesthetic approach and attitude focused on common wisdom.

These elements are also manifested in the new TV ad which started airing on Greek television on August 25th. Advertising agency Choose is responsible for the concept and production of the spot.