COCO-MAT’s Paul Efmorfidis at the Global ECO Forum

Global Eco Forum is an annual global conference on sustainability and ecology, drawing attention from policy makers and members of the business world. It is focused especially on matters related to the Mediterranean basin and this year it was held in Barcelona, Spain. The Global Eco Forum 2011 tackled an important matter and discussed how to establish a sustainable, inclusive and prosperous Euro-Med region. COCO-MAT’s founder Paul Efmorfidis, whose innovative view and bold attitude made COCO-MAT what it is today, was also invited to speak on the conference.

Mr. Efmorfidis delivered a speech about environmental responsibility and accountability in businesses and brought many examples from COCO-MAT to support his arguments: overall recycling rate reaches 96%, responsibility and moderation in energy management and using of available resources, social contribution and practices that promote environmental awareness and responsibility. However, what’s more important, as the conference concluded, and Mr. Efmorfidis also highlighted in his speech, is changing the way corporations work and think towards an increasingly responsible way of acting. Leaders with vision and commitment to follow that vision are perhaps more important than the steps we might take today to establish sustainability. And, as COCO-MAT’s actions can clearly evidence, acting in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner doesn’t have to cost more to businesses, but can rather reduce financial burdens and foster development and growth. As Mr. Efrmorfidis concluded making a better world is not so difficult, after all, as it wasn’t so difficult for COCO-MAT to make the best beds in the world. All it takes are simple things, respect for Nature, determination, vision and passion.

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