The first COCO-MAT Hotel in Greece open for business

COCO-MAT's first boutique hotel in Greece recently opened its doors for guests, introducing a unique concept based on honesty and the true spirit of Greek hospitality.

Situated in the upscale suburb of Kifissia, Athens, COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika is a boutique hotel, which is bringing all the style and luxury of a five-star hotel, without anything pretentious or superfluous. Everything was designed to make guests feel comfortable and create a sense of belonging. A homey feeling surrounds visitors and makes them feel as if they were staying over at a friend's house.

The ground floor lobby was designed to create a connection between all functional areas. Dining room, reading corner, kitchen-bar, internet corner, library, lounge, reception and outdoor lounge have been joined into one spacious living room, where you can lounge, enjoy your breakfast, mingle with friends and colleagues, or read quietly. Large windows let natural sunlight in and allow for 360 views of the space around you, as well as the leafy garden, blessed with Mediterranean plants, and paved with wooden deck. The fifth-floor charming roof-garden offers magnificent views of the city all around, as well as the nearby mountains. It differs not than the rest of the hotel in style, attitude or service. Open for guests to enjoy their coffee or drink among a green flowery garden, night or day.

Stylish and elegant, all of COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika’s 21 guest rooms will wrap you in feel-at-home comfort and coziness. The décor theme revolves around simple soft lines, pale colours and wood. All rooms have been furnished with COCO-MAT’s best quality sleep systems, wrapped in beautiful COCO-MAT linen and surrounded by elegant COCO-MAT furniture.

Extra care was also given to promote guests' well-being. A scrumptious breakfast menu, based on Greek traditional recipes, is offered every morning, and a special home-cooked “dish of the day” is offered at lunch hour for those who wish to take a light meal. And, before going to bed, enjoy a complimentary ride on COCO-MAT bikes around the quiet, tree-lined streets of the peaceful neighborhood of Kifissia.

COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika
6 Pellis street, Kifissia 14561
Tel: +30 210 8018 027