Grand Opening of our new shop in Tripoli, Greece

Εγκαίνια Καταστήματος Τρίπολης

Join us at the party celebrating the opening of our new shop in Tripoli, at 14 October 28th Street, on October 5th, 2011, 19:30 pm

Enjoy our much touted COCO-MAT hospitality with green salads, fresh juice and lots of traditional Greek treats. Enter our raffle to win free nights at wonderful five-star hotels and many more COCO-MAT gifts.

Our only request is that you come…”empty-handed”. If you insist on bringing us a present, we kindly ask you to instead drop the money you were planning to spend on it, in the special collections box provided by “” in support of its noble causes. Let’s give everyone a reason to celebrate with us.