Precious Things: Art & Design Exhibition


In the industrial space of COCO-MAT Arnhem you can enjoy bags, tableware, lamps, pillows and more delicate accessories part of the Art & Design Exhibition "Precious Things" by Nikki Giling, Jorine Oosterhoff and buroJET.

Nikki Giling
In 2008 graduated from Arnhem at ArtEZ she designs pillows, bags, hats and belts. Her love for material and craft are very present in her work . By molding fabric and leather new silhouettes and surprising details in shape and construction are created.
Nikki has a shop in the fashion district in Arnhem.

Jorine Oosterhoff
Fascinated by surrealism and nature Jorine tells stories with her cups, tableware and lamps. The unique ambience exudes humor and reminds us of our childhood.
In 2005 she graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem. In larger productions, she works frequently with Egbert-Jan Lam (buroJET).

Graduated as an engineer and then as a product designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Egbert-Jan Lam has founded buroJET in 2000.
Minimal, technically refined products and concepts such as chairs, tables, tableware and lamps are released under their own label and for other manufacturers.

Opening hours
Tuesdays / Saturdays: 10.00-18.00
First Sunday of the month: 12.00-17.00 hours