Bring your YOGA-MAT at COCO-MAT

Bring your YOGA-MAT at COCO-MAT

Starting this Sunday, and every first Sunday of the month, COCO-MAT Arnhem invites you to join the Sweet Yoga Special, by Linda de Graaf of Pura Vida. Sessions will be starting at 12:30 and last until 14:00, followed by a sweet Sunday-special, after-yoga snack!

The Sweet Yoga Special sessions begin with relaxing yoga exercises. Participants will be guided by a true yoga expert, Ms. Linda de Graaf of Pura Vida. Her yoga classes are suitable both for beginners and for advanced students. They consist of a series of breathing, concentration and relaxation exercises, carefully selected to alternate between stimulating and soothing the body, and making students feel the therapeutic powers of yoga. After the classes, a pleasant surprise of tea and delicious sweets awaits all participants.

You are welcome to join our blissful Sweet Yoga Special by signing up at The cost for each yoga lesson with tea and sweets is €10, paid on the spot.
Remember to dress in comfortable clothes. You can bring your own yoga-mat, or in case you don’t have one, let us know in advance, and we’ll take care of it.

Until October 2nd!