Historic Hotel Argentikon equipped with COCO-MAT

Argentikon Luxury Suites, member of Yades Greek Historic Hotels, is a well hidden treasure surrounded by marvelous orange fields in the plains of Chios. The historic Mansion once belonged to the Genovese family Argentis and has now been turned into a luxury hotel complex of 8 unique suites. The main building is dated since 1550 and has been declared a Historical Monument by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The reddish stones of the nearby village Thymiana were used to build all buildings of the Mansion, which are surrounded by courtyards and beautiful gardens. Shady pathways leading to secluded corners and marble cisterns. During renovation, close attention was paid to preserve all the rare 16th century artifacts, wonderful examples of Genoese architecture. Exquisite craftsmanship and 21st century amenities have been combined to create an enchanting atmosphere for guests. All 8 suites have been equipped with COCO-MAT sleep systems offering guests a truly memorable experience.