New bed linen Elli & Veatriki

Elegant luxury or a modern colourful feeling? Whichever style you prefer for your room, our newest series of bed linen, Elli and Veatriki, can match your style and dress your bed in elegance.

Bed linen Elli create a sense of unparalleled elegance and luxury with their unique style. Available only in white colour, these fine bed sheets are made completely of quality linen fabric. They are decorated with elaborate embroidery, which gives them a distinctive tone of charm and makes them look as if they came out of the bedroom of an old mansion.

Bed linen Veatriki create a joyful and carefree atmosphere for your bedroom, thanks to their beautiful designs and colours. Available in three modern plain colours or five different patterns (floral, paisley, rhomb, drop and curl), you can mix and match their different styles to change the mood of your room and create a wonderful joyful atmosphere. Bed linen Veatriki are made of premium quality cotton.

Both bed linen series include duvet covers, sheets, fitted-sheets and pillowcases.